Mysterious and supernatural follow Jess on his journey


from Fishguard to Swansea Prison to Salvation.



Follow Jess on his supernatural journey of life growing up in Heol Preseli, Fishguard, West Wales and the mysterious and ghostly events that dramatically changes his heart and life.

This eventually leads him on his road to London where he helps people to understand the true meaning of Salvation which in turn changes his own life and of others.

Julian has made this story more precise and factual by adding real places that exist from West Wales and London in which he has lived and grown up including lots of events in and around Fishguard, Goodwick and Carmarthen.

This story is all about Jess who has to weigh up his priorities and control his anger, frustration and learn how to forgive his darkest enemy.

The audio book is written by Julian and is narrated by local artist Andy Edwards from Pendine. As well as featuring the very distinctive voice of Andy, it also features lots of special effects and uplifting music.